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Who we are

Event designers since 1998.

Your ideas, your dreams, your sketches, any detail… at LoMusic we make everything you imagine come true.

Our priority is you, tell us your idea or project and we will carry it out.

Creativity is our forte , we are specialists in theme parties.

Decoration is an essential element for a perfect celebration.

We like to imagine each event of our clients as a blank canvas on which to paint every detail, actively participating in the creation of special environments.

We take care of everything what your event needs.

Our purpose is to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

We take care of the entire production, from conceptual design to final assembly.

Municipalities and Public Institutions.

At LOMUSIC we work to ensure that every event held by a city council or any public institution is a success in terms of organization and satisfaction of its target audience: the citizens.

For this reason, we offer a wide range of services and products for institutions in order to fit the events they want to carry out. These events can cover each of its areas: culture, festivals, fairs and markets, promotion, etc.

We also highlight the specific service of programming content and activities such as workshops, concerts, conferences, showcookings, among others, as well as the production of festivals, fairs, concert series, markets…