We make the latest in audiovisual innovation technology available to all our customers. Our purpose is to create the perfect environment for your event through a careful audiovisual production. We take care of the entire production, from conceptual design to final assembly

Sound systems for bands and Dj's & backlines



Lighting & video mapping


Our sale and rental equipment service includes sound equipment of all ranges, projectors, professional lighting systems, Dj controllers, Dj booths, platforms or structures.

Endless products available to everyone.


We work designing 3D projects (renders) so from the first moment our client can visualize the dimensions and results of structures and types of equipment that we want to install. Another product to highlight is the innovative and cutting-edge video mapping option, which consists of the use of video projectors to display an animation or images on real surfaces to achieve a spectacular artistic effect.

Town Halls and Public Institutions

 In LoMusic, we work for each event carried out by a town hall or any public institution to be a success in terms of organization and satisfaction of its target audience. For this reason we offer a wide range of services and products for institutions to fit them in each of their areas: culture, festivals, fairs and markets, promotion …

We also highlight the specific services for public institutions for programming content and activities such as workshops, concerts, conferences, cooking shows as well as the production of festivals, fairs, scheduled concerts, markets…

MICE events are expanding around Mallorca

So we want companies to know that we have the services and products to carry them out, with professional accuracy to the maximum guarantee of satisfaction that is provided.

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